Using the Most Expensive Vietnam White Marble in Pakistan for Ronaldo’s House

This type of stone can be found both uniformly and with streaks of various colors.

The streaks seen in it are due to the impurities that were present in the original limestone.

The color variation of this material is due to the presence of materials such as iron oxide, silica, mica, serpentine, graphite and calcareous materials in its structure.

Vietnam white marble in Pakistan is found in colors that are not found in other natural stones.

Due to its resistance and unique beauty, architects and interior designers use it to make their executive designs look more luxurious.

This luxury stone adds splendor and glory to the interior decoration and is worth investing in the interior design of the building due to its high strength and attractiveness.

Types of marble and its categories

This construction and decorative stone has different types and it is classified according to color.

White marble, green marble, pink marble, blue marble, etc. are examples of these stones.

Also, its different types are named according to the place of extraction. For example, Indian white marble is mined in India.

What are the characteristics of marble?

Marble is very resistant to weather changes and is not damaged by cold, heat and rain.

This type of stone is highly polished and can be polished.

Marble has a shiny surface. The reason for this brilliance is the penetration of light into the stone and its reflection by the layers below.

In fact, a kind of internal reflection occurs. This stone is a good example for kitchen stone.

Marble does not absorb heat and therefore its surface is always cool. Using it for the floor of the building cools the space.

This material is anti-allergic and does not retain dust.

It is easy to maintain and clean and can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

Marble is used in the interior decoration of buildings, sculptures, making marble tiles and as wall coverings for luxury services.

The price of marble is higher compared to other stones that are used in the interior decoration of the building.

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