Using Natural Plant Fertilizer to Clean the House

Natural plant fertilizer or fertilizers made from natural sources are a very favorable way to preserve the environment to provide the nutrients needed by garden plants.

Natural or organic fertilizers need the presence of microorganisms in the soil to be effective.

Compost is a natural alternative to chemical fertilizer that you can prepare at home in a compost bin or a simple heap.

Fertilizer contains 13 nutrients needed for plant growth, as well as oxygen and water.

You can make compost in your backyard by collecting grass, kitchen scraps, shredded newspaper and dry leaves.


It is enough to pour these materials into a compost bucket with layers of soil and water it regularly so that it becomes moist and its contents rot over time.

It is better to stir the heap occasionally, which will speed up the decomposition process.

The compost will be ready for use within 30 days to three months.

Fertilizer can be easily made from the scraps and ends of the vegetables that you want to throw away, just store them in a place and add some soil to it and it will become an excellent vegetable fertilizer.

In addition, you can make homemade liquid fertilizer.

In this way, put the vegetable waste in the blender and grind it and mix it with water, then add half a teaspoon of Epsom salt and some ammonia to it.

Pour the mixture into a bucket and let it soak overnight.

This mixture is a liquid fertilizer concentrate that you can use to fertilize the garden.

This vegetable fertilizer is useful for plants and soil and will not have any effect on the environment or your crops and can be produced at the lowest cost.

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