The One Truck Bricks That Caused a Chain Accident

Soil molding method

In brick factories, there are three main methods for soil molding, which are:

Hard flower method or cutting with wire,
Soft flower method
The method of pressing semidry soil.
Brick kilns

After drying, the clays are arranged in the kiln and the way they are arranged is such that there is a gap between them so that hot gases and flames can pass through them.

There are three types of One truck bricks kilns: oven, Hoffman and tunnel.


Intermittent Kilns
Hoffmann furnace
tunnel furnace
Features of brick

A good brick should make a ringing sound when it hits another brick, the ringing sound is a sign of health, solidity and resistance and a small amount of water absorption.

A brick that makes a suffocating sound is not baked well or has cracks.

Hollow brick absorbs water, freezes and crumbles when cold.

A good brick should resist fire and not become pasty or melt, chemicals should not have a bad effect on it, and its thermal transfer coefficient should be low, the color of the brick should be uniform, which is due to the uniformity of the chemical composition and uniformity in baking.

The texture of a good brick should be homogeneous.

and its surface should be free of holes and pores.

The hardness of the brick should be such that it does not scratch the nail.


Boiled brick is a special brick in the pottery industry, which is of particular importance in industrialized countries, and it is baked with high-quality soil that does not become pasted at a temperature higher than 1000 degrees Celsius.

The duration of welding brick stays in the furnace is a little longer than that of ordinary bricks, and it is kept in the furnace until the soil grains are sweated, stick to each other, and the brick becomes integrated.

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