The Italian Marble in India Is Used to Make Royal Jewelry

Italian marble in India is a type of metamorphic rock that is formed under the conditions of regional metamorphism along with the recrystallization of primary rock minerals.

These minerals are usually carbonate minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates.
Marble can be composed of calcite, dolomite, magnesite and aragonite.

Therefore, marble is not necessarily the same as aragonite.

Marble is a relatively dense limestone with special beauty, whose beauty is not only related to its color and design, but also to its degree of transparency, and its bright rainbow appearance adds to its beauty.


Marble, like travertine, is a product of old spa springs, and layers are usually seen between layers of travertine.

In the efficient process of hot water springs, if the water temperature drop is slow, aragonite is formed, and if the temperature drop is rapid, travertine is formed.

The stone obtained from aragonite is called marble. The brand name of marble is Enyx and it can be seen in green, lemon, amber yellow, milky white, dark honey and brown colors.

Among the features of marble: Marble is very resistant to sudden cold and heat and is not damaged by cold, heat and rain.

This type of stone has high polishing ability and can be polished.

Marble has a shiny surface. The reason for this brightness is the penetration of light in the stone and its reflection by the layers below the stone. In fact, a kind of internal reflection occurs in marble.

Marble doesn’t absorb heat and that’s why its surface is always cool. Using marble for the floor of a building cools that space.

Marble is anti-allergic and does not retain dust (due to its smooth and polished surface).

Maintenance and cleaning of marble is easy and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Marble is used in the interior decoration of buildings, sculptures, making marble tiles and as wall coverings for luxury services.

The price of marble is higher compared to other stones that are used in the interior decoration of the building.

Disadvantages of marble:
1- Marble is a porous and soft stone and easily reacts against acidic materials and gets corroded. 2- Marble does not have high resistance to scratches and wear. 3- The price of this stone is very expensive.

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