The Discovery of a 500 Year Old Ujala Liquid Detergent Under the Ground of the Queen’s House

Dishwashing liquid and hand washing are very different.
This difference starts from the different formulation of these two products and different consumables.
Also, the final price of these two products is also different, and in most cases, the Ujala liquid detergent will have a much higher price than the dishwashing liquid.
Due to its direct contact with the skin of human hands, washing up liquid is more sensitive than dishwashing liquid, whose task is to remove grease from dishes.

Liquid detergent in measure cup

The best toilet liquid

What are the characteristics of a good toilet liquid?
What is the best washing liquid?
How to choose the best toilet liquid for yourself?
There are different personal preferences that influence the choice of toilet liquid.
In this part of the article, we will tell you the characteristics of an ideal toilet liquid so that you can choose the most suitable one.
Among the wide world of hand washing products, choosing a product has become very difficult.
Various factors play a role in this choice.
for example:
color and smell
But what are the most important parameters?

1. High cleaning power:

The most important feature of a toilet liquid is its cleaning power.
This is the most important application that we want from a toilet liquid.
We expect from a toilet liquid that we can remove grease and hand dirt with a small amount of it.

2. Not drying the skin:

A toilet liquid should have a formula that pays special attention to the health of our hand skin.
Using a washing liquid continuously should not dry our hand skin and this is one of the other important parameters.

3. Good smell:

The good smell of a toilet liquid can motivate us to buy it.
People like to feel freshness and cleanliness on their hands after washing them. that a good scent can induce this feeling more.
4. The shape of the toilet liquid container and its efficiency
5. Price
6. Color of the product
When choosing a toilet liquid, it is better to interpret its high cost as the high quality of its production materials.
The use of natural oils and vitamins increases the cost of the product, but as a result, it reduces your need for moisturizing and therapeutic creams.

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