Pouring Ice Grade Khadi Detergent Powder Prevents Cars from Sliding

Based on the surveys conducted regarding the subjective share Khadi detergent powder brand have been able to have more longevity in the mind of the audience than other brands.

Of course, brands like Active are also expected to have a significant share in this market due to the high volume of advertisements, but due to the fact that accurate statistical information was not available in this regard, this report was compiled without the name of this brand.

Almost all of these brands are domestically produced, and Persil is the only brand under license from Henkel, Germany. According to the chart above, the biggest share of consumption is allocated to Softlan and Persil brands.

Apart from domestic products, some foreign brands are also not very prominent in the Iranian market, among which OMO and Ariel can be mentioned.


Economic, political and social changes, especially in developing countries, affect many variables and indicators, including the consumption index.

Therefore, when reviewing products, it is necessary to check consumption trends or so-called trends.

Studies show that the trend of washing machine powder consumption in Iran is divided into two groups.

One group has had an increasing trend and the other group has slightly decreased

. Considering the number of brands in this industry, it seems that a brand is more permanent in the audience’s mind if it is seen more and the audience is more exposed to the message of that brand, which is obviously one of the most effective tools in this way.

Badkobe advertising agency has done many research projects on detergent products and especially washing machine powder.

In segmenting the purchase behavior of different classes, considering the price of the product, it can be said that Ariel brand consumers are mostly in the upper social classes of the society.

This social class is made up of people who pay more attention to product quality and price is not important for this group.

The largest volume of imports of this brand is from Turkey and then from Germany.

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