Philippine Sweet Potato is Good for Bones

In our country, Iran, it is grown in Balochistan and it is also planted in some other areas.

The desert lily family includes 500 species of annual and perennial plants, most of which are vine-like.

It has long and creeping branches on the ground, the stems grow up to 4 meters, its roots are swollen, long and sweet.

This plant has a fast growth rate.
The leaves of sweet sweet potato Philippine are shaped like a wavy cone with a long leaf tail and are seen in purple, purple and sometimes white colors.

Except for food consumption, since it has beautiful and colorful leaves, it is also used as a cover plant and for bordering and planting in the garden.

Its flowers are regular, the calyx is funnel shaped, these flowers are white, pink or purple.
The product of this plant is usually its underground part.

which is a kind of false tuber because it is swollen and contains starch, food and sweet substances.

This plant has different cultivars which are determined by the color and size and smallness of their tubers. Including sweet potato with red gray tuber.

yellow sweet potato, a type with small tuber called Pataate minime, which is planted in Spain. and it is full of crops, and finally, a type with a large tuber.

Patate ygname, the weight of each tuber is up to several kilograms, and the color of the flesh is white.

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