Original Leather in Pakistan Which Became a Problem for the Famous Singer

For the pattern, you can use the edge of the old caps and put it on the leather and cut it.

When you reach the end of the two edges, continue the line until the end of the two edges, then sew on the line you have drawn.

Trim the extra parts with a 6mm margin, then flip the original leather in Pakistan over.

Then put the edge of the hat inside the leather you sewed and fix it with a pin.

While holding the brim of the hat with your hand, sew around the inside bow, then cut off the excess leather, leaving only 1.2cm of margin to attach the brim to the hat.

Connecting the edge of the cap.

Before starting work, make sure that it is right in the middle of the leather part.


There is a cut in the middle of the brim of the hat, which should be right on the fold line in the middle of the leather part of the hat.

This part is more difficult to sew than the other parts of the hat and you have to be more careful.

When sewing, hold the edge with your hand so that it does not move.

In the same way as you sew around the edge, arrange the leather with your hand so that the joint is clean and neat.

Adjust the cap

At this stage, the leather cap is ready, you just need to arrange it and remove the extra small parts from it.

Put the leather cap on your head.

If you see that it is loose, open the back seam of the cap and cut some of the leather and sew it again.

If you need to take a few millimeters from the diameter of the hat, you can add some stitches to the hat.

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