Matsutake Mushroom Per Pound are Bursting with Children

A French gardener named “Chambery” thought of using abandoned mines to grow Matsutake mushroom per pound .

The use of mines had several benefits: temperature stability, ease of air regulation and relative humidity regulation.

And again, there are two Frenchmen named Constantin and Matrosho from the Pasteur Institute who are taking a step forward in this field.

They germinated and obtained mycelium, since then it was possible to grow the most prolific mushroom breeds in a pure form.


The work of these two researchers caused other types of mushrooms to be noticed and the attempt to domesticate wild mushrooms began, but although it was done after a lot of research in the field of mushroom cultivation, due to the lack of connection between the researchers’ work, the results of the research were different.

Comprehensive and codified was not available to everyone.

Today, the situation is different.

The 20th international congress on mushroom mushroom knowledge and breeding was held in France in June 1978, in which 600 researchers and producers from 30 countries participated.

During this congress, an English researcher mistakenly stated that he wished to establish more communication between the participants, and this statement attracted the attention of the pioneers of mushroom cultivation, who until then protected their mushroom cultivation areas with barbed wire and guard dogs.

They did this so that no one would find out about the secret of their work in growing mushrooms.

Following these measures, the useful exchange of information and the obtained results, undoubtedly, in the future, the cultivation of all kinds of mushrooms will be out of the monopoly of a few Western gardeners and mycologists and will spread all over the world.

The field of mushroom cultivation will be due to increased production or vice versa.

Will the world be saved from hunger thanks to the continuous production of this valuable food?

The future will show.
Since more than two thousand years ago, when Nikander the doctor cultivated mushrooms with the help of fig leaves in a primitive way, what a long and winding road has been traveled until now!

There are three categories of mushrooms:
1- Edible 2- Toxic 3- Medicinal

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