Lingzhi Mushroom Per Kilo Makes You Resistant to Corona

Cultivation of mushrooms at home: The best time to cultivate mushroom at home is between October and December, but if there are facilities for air conditioning and balancing the temperature of the growing area, mushrooms can be grown in other months of the year.

In general, the way of growing Lingzhi mushroom per kilo is its own and it can be grown in a dark environment and tolerates any amount of light except direct sunlight.

In any case, in the place of growing mushrooms, in addition to air conditioning, the temperature of the growing environment should be kept between 10-15 degrees.


In addition, the breeding place must be completely clean, washable and free of seams or a place for the breeding of harmful bacteria, insects and fungi.

Mushroom growing room: The width of the growing room should be such that it is possible to easily pass through the corridors that are built for it (about 70 cm).

The middle of the mushroom bed can be accessed, and if the mushroom growing beds are next to the wall, the maximum width is 90 cm.

Mushrooms can also be grown in wooden boxes measuring 60 x 90 cm and 20 to 25 cm deep.

In order to save the initial cost, each floor can be covered with three-centimeter boards with a width of 90 to 180 cm, and manure is poured directly on the floor of each floor and mushrooms are planted in it, and in this way, wooden boxes are not needed.

Sorting is usually done during the breeding room.

There should not be a floor on the ground, the minimum distance between the first floor and the floor is 15 cm and the distance between each floor is 60 cm.

Usually, only three floors are considered for growing mushrooms at home, and if the room is wide enough, they place one row along the length of the room adjacent to the wall, one floor (double sided) in the middle, and one floor on the other side of the room, so that Two corridors with a width of 70 cm on both sides of the middle floor should be 180 cm.

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