High Tensile Barbed Wire That Was Found in the Forests of Golestan

Before buying different types of barbed wire, check your needs and determine your purpose.

Also, for the installation of barbed wire, it is necessary to use some safety equipment such as glasses, thick gloves and some thick clothes.

Barbed high tensile barbed wire is a cheap and effective solution to keep your property safe.

It is very easy to buy and install and can be the ultimate deterrent for intruders and thieves.
The steps of installing different types of barbed wire are as follows: Different materials such as pipes, profiles and corners can be used to make the barbed wire support base.

Select the end and corner locations to install the support base.


Then make the pipe or corner in a V shape and connect it to the wall with a distance of 3 to 4 meters by means of welding or screws.
Carefully open 4 to 8 inches from the end of the barbed wire and start wrapping it around the base at the desired height.

Then fasten it in the right position.

To secure the barbed wire, you can create a gap between the two wires that are twisted together and then insert a clip through this gap.

This clip helps hold the barbed wire in place.

Using a pair of pliers, bend the end of the clip around the barbed wire once or twice to secure the two parts together.

The better you do this, the less likely the wire will loosen over time.
Carefully open the barbed wire to the next base and tie at the desired height as you did in the beginning.

In the same way, continue to tie the barbed wire to the end of the fence.

Finally, cut the barbed wire at the end of the fence.
It is possible to install all types of barbed wire alone.

But at the time of installation, it is important to observe safety tips such as using suitable gloves, suitable work glasses, boots, suitable safety clothes, having an auxiliary force, determining the fencing plan and points related to barbed wire.

Because it makes the process of installing all types of barbed wire easier.

Summary: Barbed wire refers to wires that have razors or sharp thorns at regular intervals.

Barbed wire is commonly used as protection on top of walls or fences for airports, farms, prisons, factories, residential areas, and highways.

Barbed wire has a wide variety and includes circular barbed wire, linear barbed wire, single-strand barbed wire, double-strand barbed wire, traditional barbed wire, PVC-coated barbed wire and barbed wire with welded blades.

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