Add Up to 27 Years to Your Life by Eating Mamra Almonds in Mumbai

French flower Mamra almonds in Mumbai is native to France and as its name suggests, it is a slow growing species that has a deep root that is resistant to drought and has a green skin with a hard, woody part inside.

It is located in the almond shell and has a pleasant and sweet taste.

Long-flowering almonds: Mangha Deir Gol almonds are native to the regions of West Asia, whose economic life reaches more than 20 years.


Its fruit ripens completely in the beginning of September, which also has high productivity and has many properties.

Yalda almonds: Yalda almond is another almond variety that has a thin skin and long flowering.

It has high productivity and grows in most regions.

Desmio Marcona almonds: Desmio Marcona almond is native to regions of Spain, especially Catalonia, which grows in medium size with hanging branches and leaves, and is considered one of the early flowering species that bears fruit very quickly.

Almond Ferraduel: Ferraduel almond is a native of France, which has high productivity, and the fruit is harvested at the end of the summer season.

Note that the Ferraduel almond tree is a good pollinator for this tree.

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