A Man Who Hides Drugs in Light Weight Bricks in Khammam

Brick is an artificial stone that is light weight bricks in Khammam created from the process of baking clay. Brick is used in wall constructions, building columns, types of arches, facades, floor constructions, etc.
Brick making steps: Bricks are made by baking clay. First of all, high quality clay must be prepared. Then the soil is processed and clay mud is made, then the molding stage is done.

which after That clay must be dried and after drying, it becomes raw clay. In the final stage, the raw clay is transferred to the brick kilns, and during a process, they are baked and turned into bricks.

Types of brick kilns: 1. Brick kilns with fixed bricks and fixed fire.
In this furnace, the bricks are arranged in a circle and form a brick tower.

The fire inside the furnace causes the bricks to be baked.


2. Brick kilns with fixed bricks and moving fire:
In this method, the bricks are poured along the furnace, the fire moves inside it, and the movement of the fire inside the furnace causes the bricks to be baked.

3. Furnaces with fixed fire and rolling bricks:
These furnaces are mostly mechanized. In this type of furnaces, we have a fire tunnel in the middle of which a large volume of fire is created by gas. They enter and exit from the other side of the baked brick.

Types of bricks: 1) Pressure brick
This type of brick is suitable for all construction works and percussion arches and other similar things. For the first time in Iran, the Russians used it to build barracks in the country.

Types of pressed bricks: A) Green brick
They are heated more in the furnace and are very strong and durable and are categorized as high-quality bricks.

b) Welding brick
They are melted bricks that are used in foundation and underlayment.

c) Ajerkham
The material of this brick is very poor and should not be used. The color of this type of brick is between the color of raw clay and the final brick. They must be baked again.

2) Machine brick
This new type of brick with red and white colors is available in the market and is used in building facades. The holes in this brick make it lighter and also cause more adhesion of this type of bricks with mortar.
These types of bricks have either 8 holes or 10 holes and are available in the market in thicknesses of 3, 4, and

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